Artfinity Sketch Marker - Assorted Set of 150 A

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About "Artfinity Markers"

Artfinity Alcohol Ink Markers are versatile, professional-quality artist’s markers perfect for design and illustration. One side of the marker has a flexible nylon brush tip perfect for sweeping gestural strokes, and the other end has a chisel nib for controlled lines. Depending on how you hold the marker, you can create a thin, medium, or bold line. Artfinity Markers work well on SoHo Marker Paper and non-porous surfaces like metal, glass, and plastic. Because of their outstanding performance, Artfinity Markers are ideal for lettering, illustration, fashion design, and more.

Set A: Includes 0 Colorless Blender, 100 Black, B1-3 Light Blue, B1-7 Cyanine Blue, B3-2 Cool Candy Blue, B3-4 Pool, B3-5 True Blue, B3-6 Copenhagen Blue, B4-3 Denim Light, B4-6 Stonewashed Denim, B4-8 Blue Magic, B5-2 Cloud Blue, B5-4 Slate Blue, B6-4 Denim, B7-1 Sky Blue Light, B7-5 Sky Blue, B7-6 Blue Dusk, B8-1 Powder Blue, B8-3 Himalaya, B8-6 Mt. Everest, B8-75 Mt. Fuji, B8-85 Night Blue, BG1-3 Mint Blue, BG3-2 Blue Green, BG3-4 Jade Green, BG3-7 Emerald, BG5-4 Green Mint, BG5-6 Grass Green, BG6-4 Celadon Green, BG6-6 Muted Turquoise, BG9-2 Pale Jade, BG9-5 Flagstone Blue, BG9-7 Stealth, BV1-3 Mauve Shadow, BV1-5 Parma Violet, BV1-7 Amethyst, BV2-4 Viola, BV2-6 Deep Reddish Blue, BV9-5 Blueberry, CG0 Cool Grey 0, CG1 Cool Grey 1, CG3 Cool Grey 3, CG5 Cool Grey 5, CG7 Cool Grey 7, CG9 Cool Grey 9, E1-0 Buff, E1-4 Light Tan, E1-7 Mocha Dark, E2-2 Sand, E2-3 Suntan, E2-5 Leather, E3-6 Baked Clay, E4-2 Vanilla, E4-5 Caribe Cocoa, E4-7 Dark Umber, FBV1 Fluorescent Violet, FR1 Fluorescent Red, FRV1 Fluorescent Pink, FY1 Fluorescent Yellow, FYR1 Fluorescent Orange, G1-5 Granny Smith, G2-1 Mint Cream, G2-5 Green Tea, G5-1 Venom, G5-4 Meadow Green, G5-7 Dark Olive Green, G7-1 Liberty, G7-3 Sea Green, G8-1 Wax White, G8-5 Greyish Olive, G9-3 Green Grey, G9-8 Gravel, NG1 Neutral Grey 1, NG10 Neutral Grey 10, NG3 Neutral Grey 3, NG4 Neutral Grey 4, NG6 Neutral Grey 6, NG7 Neutral Grey 7, NG8 Neutral Grey 8, NG9 Neutral Grey 9, R3-1 Pale Cherry Pink, R3-2 Rose Salmon, R1-5 Pale Vermillion, R1-65 Raspberry Popsicle, R1-7 Lipstick Red, R2-4 Carmine Red, R2-6 Mahogany Red, R7-1 Deco Peach, RV1-2 Orchid, R8-3 Salmon Pink, R8-4 Putty, R8-8 Acai, RV1-5 Magenta, RV2-05 Cotton Candy, RV2-15 Pure Pink, RV3-0 Water Lily, RV3-1 Lychee, RV3-15 Begonia Pink, RV3-4 Pink Pink, RV6-2 Clay Rose, RV6-4 Flagstone Red, RV6-5 Tuscan Red, RV8-6 Cacao, RV9-0 Pink Beryl, RV9-1 Cherry White, RV9-2 Ash Grey, RV9-9 Eggplant, V1-2 Deco Pink, V1-4 Rhodamine, V1-5 Sweet Dream, V4-5 Light Grape, V4-6 Pale Blackberry, V5-5 Teen Spirit, V9-0 Evening Primrose, V9-35 Dew Drop, V9-5 Slate Grey, WG0 Warm Grey 0, WG1 Warm Grey 1, WG3 Warm Grey 3, WG5 Warm Grey 5, WG7 Warm Grey 7, WG9 Warm Grey 9, Y2-3 Morning Sun, Y4-15 Yellowish Beige, Y4-3 Spanish Orange, Y4-5 Terra, Y7-1 Parchment, Y7-4 Sahara Yellow, Y8-6 Sepia, YG1-1 Yellow Green, YG1-3 Chartreuse, YG3-3 Poison Light, YG3-6 Poison, YG8-1 Pale Yellow, YG8-3 Oatmeal, YG8-6 Manilla Light, YG8-7 Manilla Green, YR05-3 Sunburst, YR1-1 Light Orange, YR1-2 Orange Ice, YR2-6 Tuscan Orange, YR3-2 Light Peach, YR3-5 Pumpkin Orange, YR4-1 Deco Orange, YR4-3 Burnt Ochre, YR4-45 Orangina, YR6-3 Bone, Primary Yellow, Primary Red, and Primary Blue.

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Brand Artfinity Ink & Pen
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Pack Size 150
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