Artist's Color Wheel

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Artist 's Color Wheel

About "Color Wheels & Guides"

The Color Wheel provides a simple, visual aid for illustrating and teaching color mixing relationships. Easy to use and understand, the Color Wheel is a basic tool for teachers, students, artists and anyone making color selections. It includes gray scale, tints, tones, shades and results of mixing colors. Color Wheels illustrate color harmonies (complementary, split complementary, triadic and more) as well as define primary colors, secondary colors, warm and cool colors, basic terms and more.

The Artist's Color Wheel - Teaches color relationships by organizing colors in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other. 9¼" diameter.

Pocket Guide to Mixing Color - A quick guide to colors produced by mixing two colors in varying proportions. All colors listed in the guide can be produced by mixing the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, plus black & white. The 3"×5" guide unfolds to 30" long.

Watercolor Wheel - Designed to aid in combining popular watercolors. This wheel shows 144 combinations of the most common watercolors, which helps with selecting and mixing. Important terms including information on transparent techniques and the qualities of some of the most important pigments makes using watercolors easier for both the experienced and newcomer to this media.

Pocket Color Wheel - Same tool as the Artist's Color Wheel but in a compact, convenient size! 5-1/8" diameter.

Quiller Wheel - An invaluable artist color wheel useful for all media. An 8 1/2 " x 8 1/2" laminated, portable size ideal for traveling, painting on location and individual reference. An instruction guide is included.

Gray Scale and Value Finder - A tool for determining color value in all media. Unique cut-out shapes allow easy viewing and accurate readings. Use to determine the value of black and whites, as well as color. This scale finder shows ten values from 100% to 10% black.

Magic Palette - Color Matching Guide - The Magic Palette Color Matching Guide helps artists identify, match and select the colors they need for their paintings. The unique viewing windows allow the artist to preview hundreds of potential new color combinations and to mix and match colors. Set includes 36 pure artist's tube colors printed on individual cards with 144 tints and shades. Each color card shows one original tube color with a value range from light tint to dark shade. The color matching cards can be easily removed from the ring binder for use. The Color Matching Guide is an indispensable tool for artists & designers at every experience level and is ideal for use in the classroom, studio or on location.

Magic Palette - Mixing Guide - Has 324 mixed colors and uses 18 basic tube colors. It is ideal for the studio, classroom or on location.

Magic Palette - X-Large Mixing Guide - Has 841 mixed colors and uses 29 basic tube colors. It is ideal for the studio and classroom and for artists who want a broader color palette.

Artist's Color Wheel
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