Arches Oil Paper

Unique, archival paper for all oil painting and multimedia techniques!

This revolutionary new paper is sure to inspire oil painters the world over! Arches of France have been creating fine artists' papers since 1492, and new Arches Oil Paper is no exception. This innovative surface is designed specifically for use with oil paints, yet retains the look and feel of traditional Arches paper that artists have come to know and love. Archivally made from 100% cotton, Arches Oil Paper features a powerful oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents and binder but allows paints and pigments to sit up on the surface for a vibrant effect.

The even-toothed texture of Arches Oil Paper is classic and familiar, and is also perfect for working over oil washes with pastels, pencils, and other dry media for exciting multimedia techniques. Available in packs of ten 22x30" sheets, 12 sheet tape-bound pads or generous 51" x 10 yard rolls, it's easy to tear down the paper to virtually any size you need. With its strong, tough composition, Arches Oil can withstand vigorous painting techniques, rubbing and scraping, and is heavy enough to support impasto layers. Perhaps best of all is its convenience: there's no preparation necessary, no need to size, gesso or prime — Arches Oil Paper is ready to use right out of the package! Simply pull out a sheet and paint — then when finished, it's simple to store, transport, or frame completed paintings. Perfect for bringing on plein air painting trips, for creating quick sketches or finished works in oils, for multimedia art and more, new Arches Oil Paper is an essential addition to any oil painter's repertoire!

Key Features:

  • Heavyweight 140 lb. 100% cotton paper
  • Powerful oil barrier absorbs water, solvents & binder
  • Paint & pigment remain on the surface
  • Strong, toothy surface withstands vigorous techniques
  • Ready to use — no preparation required!
  • Four deckled edges & a watermark
  • Easy to frame, store & transport

Perfect For:

  • Students, professionals & plein air artists
  • Sketches & finished art in oil paints
  • Glazes & washes in thinned oils
  • Impasto & knife painting techniques
  • Multimedia artwork in oils & dry media
  • Convenient & portable oil painting surface
  • An essential surface for all oil painters!
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