AlumaComp Panels

100% Archival Boards - Acid Free- Adds Value to Your Artwork. Great for Plein Air Painting - Painting on metal panels has been historically recorded since before the times of Rembrandt, who painted many of his great masterpieces on copper. In the last 20 years, professional artists have been moving towards working on aluminum composite panels (ACP), which feature lighter weights and stronger construction.

AlumaComp is widely used for mounting fine art, photographs, linen and canvas to create an incredibly stable painting panel, or to use on its own as a reliable, archival painting support. The brushed aluminum surface takes primer beautifully, providing texture that grips the primer for a perfect bond. The smooth aluminum surface can be used as is to take advantage of its' beautiful finish, or custom sanded or polished for any texture necessary for your artistic applications. When used as a painting panel, the smooth side can be used as the work's actual highlights for a modern look— either left bare as is, or sanded/buffed back to the bare metal before varnishing to take advantage of the metallic glow. Simply peel the screened film used to protect both sides, and let your creativity do the rest.

    Key Features:
  • Double-sided – one brushed aluminum, one polished
  • 100% Archival Rigid and strong, yet lightweight
  • 4mm (3/16") thick
  • Acid-Free - Will not warp bend or decay
  • Prime and Paint in traditional oils & acrylics
  • Use primed or unprimed
  • Accepts most fine art media, primed or painted directly
  • Perfect for use as a mounting surface for photography, linen and canvas, even image transfers
  • Will not warp, mold, or mildew like stretched canvas or wood panels
  • Can be Framed - No backing board neede
  • Sold Individually or in Boxes of 2
    Perfect For:
  • Adding Value to Your Art
  • Plein Air - Lightweight & free from moisture
  • Professional Photographers, Fine Artists, Graphic Artists
  • Oils Acrylics, Inkjet, Screen Printing, Photos, Mixed Media;
  • Creating artwork with a fresh, modern look
  • Saving shipping costs to clients and galleries, due to lighter weight
  • Experimental and modern art
  • Working in environments where humidity levels fluctuate
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