Ampersand Floater Frames

Professional And Beautiful Framing Solution Designed For Wood Panel Art Pieces!

Ampersand Wood Panel Floater Frames are specially designed for finished wood panel art pieces, creating the illusion that the artwork is floating in the frame. The high quality floater frames are designed with a wider base that prevents damage to the panel cradle and a higher profile and deeper rabbet to protect the corners of your wood panel artwork. Ampersand's Wood Panel Floater Frames are available in Maple, Black and White and in size Bold for 1-1/2" panels, and Thin for 7/8" panels. These premium hardwood frames are also great for framing canvas artwork.

    Key Features:
  • Creates the illusion of artwork floating in the frame
  • Designed to frame wood panel art pieces
  • Hardwood frames available in Maple, Black & White
  • Wide base to prevent damage to the panel cradle
    Perfect For:
  • Wood panel art pieces
  • Mixed media artists
  • Canvas artwork
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