Soho Urban Artist Professional Colored Pencils

Vibrant color sets of artist quality  colored pencils at an unbeatable value!

SoHo worked with artists when developing their new line of Artist Quality Colored Pencils, to ensure that every demand of colored pencil artists was either met or exceeded. The result is a range of high quality, fine art grade colored pencils with superior light resistance, smooth consistency, minimal hazing, vibrant color selection, and excellent construction. The 3.8mm leads are securely glued into the basswood barrel for easy sharpening, and multiple layers can be laid down without risk of hazing. Now these fantastic artists' colored pencils are available in convenient sets! Choose from sets of 12, 24, 36, or 72 balanced color selections in portable hinged tins with insert trays, great for both storage and travel. You're sure to find the set that's right for you – because SoHo Professional Colored Pencils were designed with you in mind!

sunflowers drawn with Soho Professional Colored Pencils
  • Sets of high quality, artist grade colored pencils
  • Developed to artists' specifications in conjunction with Cretacolor of Austria
  • Highly pigmented and light resistant
  • 3.8mm lead glued into hexagonal basswood casing
  • Smooth consistency, resists hazing
  • Great for multiple layering
  • Sets of 12, 24, 36, or 72 vibrant colors
  • Makes a perfect gift for any colored pencil artist!
Artist Endorsed
"Colors are rich, bold, and very durable; soft enough to blend beautifully, yet sturdy enough that they won't run down quickly or break easily."
- Kim Maselli, professional artist
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