Caran D'Ache Museum Aquarelle

A Swiss-made Innovative Approach to Watercolors in Pencil Form!

Museum Aquarelle is not only a water soluble pencil, it is a watercolor in pencil form! Developed in Caran D'Ache's Geneva workshop in close collaboration with master watercolour artists; their extra-fine quality makes them perfect for both watercolour painting and for artistic drawing. Each pencil is made from premium cedar wood for easy and smooth sharpening, and a hexagonal shape to reduce risk of rolling and falling off any tables or surfaces. They have soft, smooth lead centers with a matt finish for a smooth, flowing delivery of color every time it hits the paper. And when dissolved in water, the lead becomes pure watercolour paint due to its high pigment concentration and transparency!

Key Features:

  • 100% water-soluble
  • Exceptional color lightfastness applied wet or dry
  • High pigment density

Perfect For:

  • Watercolour painting without the paint
  • Artistic drawing and shading
  • Fine lines, washes and blending

Museum Intro Set of 12- The selection of 12 colours in this assortment is based on the Adolf Holzel "Double Primary" system and is an ideal way to discover watercolour painting. A classic selection including two shades of each of the primary colours offer a rich variety of tints.

Landscape Set of 20-This assortment provides a selection of 20 warm and cold colours that are essential for capturing the different aspects of landscape art: blue-violets for sky and water, red-oranges for flowers, greens for fields and forests, browns for earth and rocks, bright and dark colours for lights and shadows.

Marine Set of 20-This assortment is a special selection of 20 warm and cold colours for capturing different seascapes: blue-green, light and dark blues for sunlit water and the sky, light colours for spray and reflections, grey-browns for the shadows and rocks, and reddish shades for sunsets.

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