Molotow One4All Acryllic Markers

<p>Imagine a world where graffiti art is possible and stained hands don't exist! Welcome to the world of Molotow. The unique line of Molotow acrylic based paint ONE4ALL graffiti markers will replace the accumulated utensils of a graffiti artist's tool belt: countless spray cans, the airbrush, permanent markers and paint brushes. Everything is possible with these highly pigmented, acrylic-based markers. ONE4ALL markers allow artists to tag their creations on nearly any surface, indoor or outdoor, refill their Molotow markers and keep going! The ONE4ALL markers are preferred by, but not limited to illustrators, writers and street artists. Molotow offers 12 interchangeable tips, 40 different colors, and 5 different marker sizes. There are over 1,000 combination possibilities and with these premium ONE4ALL markers, street artists will be unstoppable!</p>

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