Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brush Series 667 Angular 1/8"

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About "Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Brushes"

These golden synthetic hair brushes are among the most advanced produced anywhere in the world today. By blending varying thicknesses of hair, Winsor & Newton has achieved the three most important qualities sought after by the artist. The thicker fibers contribute strength and spring while the thinner fibers improve color holding capcity—together they retain a perfect point for rounds and a perfect edge for flats. All brushes with nickel plated seamless ferrules attached to metallic blue wooden handles.

  • Series 111 Rounds - These brushes have large bellies to produce both wash and fine line stokes.
  • Series 222 Designer's Rounds - These brushes are great for linear work because of their extra long hairs.
  • Series 333 Riggers - These long thin round brushes are great for very detailed linear work, such as grass and telephone wires.
  • Series 666 One Stroke - The long hair in these brushes makes it easy to produce crisp edges for washes and straight strokes.
  • Series 667 Angles - The angle on this series of brushes is great for flowers, leaves, small corners and sweeping wash strokes.
  • Series 668 Filberts - These sophisticated brushes combine the control of a One Stroke with the softer edge of a round.
  • Series 777 Aquarelle - These brushes come equipped with a clear lucite handle for burnishing and scraping.
  • Series 888 Fans - These fan brushes are popular for dry brush techniques like stippling, feathering grass, or hair effects.
  • Series 999 Mops - These dome-shaped large brushes are great for expressive strokes and washes.
  • Wash Brushes - These large brushes are great for background washes and large patches of color.

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Brush Size 1/8"
Brush Shape Angular
Brand Winsor & Newton
Product Line Cotman Brushes
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