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id,artist_name,school,teacher,image_filename,grade,o,pids,cids 1,Abbey R.,Conard,,AbbeyR_Conard,11,V 2,Asjha M.,Conard,,AsjhaM_Conard,12,V 3,Bea S.,Conard,,BeaS_Conard,9,H 4,Christie B.,Conard,,ChristieB_Conard,12,V 5,Ian N.,Conard,,IanN_Conard,10,V 6,Kaili W.,Conard,,KailiW_Conard,9,V 7,Maddie L.,Conard,,MaddieL_Conard,11,V 8,Mai N.,Conard,,MaiN_Conard,10,V 9,Mairead T.,Conard,,MaireadT_Conard,12,H 10,Tricia B.,Conard,,TriciaB_Conard,11,H 11,Charlotte M.,Hall,,CharlotteM_Hall,10,V 12,Ignat C.,Hall,,IgnatC_Hall,10,H 13,Josephine J.,Hall,,JosephineJ_Hall,10,V 14,Lia R.,Hall,,LiaR_Hall,11,V 15,Lindsey W.,Hall,,LindseyW_Hall,10,V 16,Rashed H.,Hall,,RashedH_Hall,10,V 17,Ruth N.,Hall,,RuthN_Hall,11,H 18,Sarah G.,Hall,,SarahG_Hall,10,V 19,Sharon Y.,Hall,,SharonY_Hall,10,H 20,Yun Ying Z.,Hall,,YunZ_Hall,12,V
Filename,Orientation,Name,School,Grade AbbeyR_Conard,V,Abbey R.,Conard,11 AsjhaM_Conard,V,Asjha M.,Conard,12 BeaS_Conard,H,Bea S.,Conard,9 ChristieB_Conard,V,Christie B,Conard,12 IanN_Conard,V,Ian N.,Conard,10 KailiW_Conard,V,Kaili W.,Conard,9 MaddieL_Conard,V,Maddie L.,Conard,11 MaiN_Conard,V,Mai N.,Conard,10 MaireadT_Conard,H,Mairead T.,Conard,12 TriciaB_Conard,H,Tricia B.,Conard,11 CharlotteM_Hall,V,Charlotte M.,Hall,10 IgnatC_Hall,V,Ignat C.,Hall,10 JosephineJ_Hall,V,Josephine J.,Hall,10 LiaR_Hall,V,Lia R.,Hall,11 LindseyW_Hall,V,Lindsey W.,Hall,10 RashedH_Hall,V,Rashed H.,Hall,10 RuthN_Hall,H,Ruth N.,Hall,11 SarahG_Hall,V,Sarah G.,Hall,10 SharonY_Hall,H,Sharon Y.,Hall,10 YunZ_Hall,V,Yun Ying Z.,Hall,12
A West Hartford Public Schools Presentation

For our third annual collaboration with the West Hartford Visual Arts Department, we are proud to present the following art creations. This year we showcase student art works from Conard and Hall High School students. The work addresses a variety of skills, such as exploring line and value, color mixing using oils, water colors or acrylics.

We thank Visual Arts Supervisor Pam Murphy, for her continuing efforts to promote and encourage the arts for all West Hartford students; High School Visual Arts educators Rob Loebell, Jessica Fallis, Rachael Martinelli and Brigid Kennedy for inspiring and guiding their students’ creative endeavors; vendors Strathmore Paper Company and MCS Frames for donating the materials needed for this project.

But we especially thank the very talented and passionate young artists whose work is displayed below. Enjoy!

The 2017 Visual Arts Presentation is also available for viewing: