Creative Inspirations Acrylic

Creative Inspirations Acrylic

The Best Value For Acrylic Paints! Better Paints, Better Value!

Creative Inspirations Acrylics are sold in large, 1.8 liter (60.87 oz) jugs, which will accept any standard pump dispenser, making them the ideal choice for educators, classrooms, social art parties and art businesses. Convenient handle makes it easy to hold and pour. These paints are NOT watered down like other cheap acrylic paints making them an amazing value for the price! With Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints, educators and artists do not have to settle for water-downed acrylics that are made from inferior materials.

Key Features:

  • Sold in large, 1.8 liter jugs
  • Smooth, creamy consistency
  • Available in 42 brilliant colors
  • Colors are bright, vibrant and very pigmented
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Not watered down
  • Handle: Easy to hold and pour
  • Great coverage & mixability
  • Medium to heavy body
  • Available also in: 120ml tubes & 500ml Bottles

Perfect For:

  • Art party businesses
  • Classrooms and workshops
  • Social art parties
  • Artists on a budget
  • Higher quality paint at an amazing price point
  • Better painting experience
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