Arches Watercolor Blocks

Convenient blocks of finest quality, pre-stretched, 100% cotton watercolor paper!

Arches watercolor paper has been a favorite among artists for over 500 years, and it's easy to see why! Made from 100% cotton linters and both internally and externally gelatin sized, acid free Arches Aquarelle watercolor paper is one of the finest art papers in the world. You too can bring this historical, artist quality paper to your own works with these convenient, pre-stretched blocks! Watercolor paper blocks are glued on all four sides, eliminating the need to wet and stretch the paper before painting, as the glue prevents the sheet from curling and buckling during painting. Once a piece is finished, simply slip a craft knife or razor blade under the top sheet to lift it up and reveal a brand new sheet beneath. Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Blocks are available in 3 surface finishes, 2 paper weights, and all in a Natural White shade. Excellent for all types of watercolor painting, ink drawing, washes — and the ideal portable painting surface, perfect for plein aire artists!

  • 140lb Blocks – Available in Cold (medium texture), Hot (smooth texture) and Rough (high texture) Press surfaces. Each block contains 20 sheets glued on all four sides.
  • 300lb Blocks – These Cold Press (medium texture) blocks feature 10 sheets of heavyweight, 300lb Arches Natural White watercolor paper, glued on all four sides.
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