Simplicity is the hallmark of all Framatic products. Their clean design is intended to rise above trends rather than follow them. We endeavor to create a catalog of styles that are varied enough to suit any image or decor, but simple enough to assure that the image, not the frame, is the focus.


With simplicity, there is little opportunity to hide flaws, therefore our frames must be and are manufactured to exacting specifications. Fit and finish are always to the highest standards.


The visual simplicity of Framatic frames is matched by the simplicity of their function. Framatic frames are not designed just for appearance, but are engineered to be easy to use.


The unique features and outstanding quality of Framatic products, supported by committed customer service, makes them the equivalent of custom framing, but at an economical price. The result is superb value.


Each Framatic frame is designed to be a timeless piece based on centuries of frame styles. We research techniques and also invent when necessary to bring unmatched value to the market.

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