Golden Fluid Acrylics

GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics provide a highly intense, permanent acrylic with a consistency similar to india ink. They're a great tool for use on paper, canvas, walls, wooden panels and for mixing into other GOLDEN products, particularly the Interference Colors. Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes. Fluid Acrylics offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies.

Unlike mixtures of full-bodied paints and water, which produce weak films by diluting the binder and the color, Fluid Acrylics contain pigments suspended in a 100% acrylic polymer vehicle. The result is an even dispersion, which prevents pigments from settling, as well as high tinting strength, durability, flexibility, and adhesion. Ideal for spraying, brushing, and staining. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics can also be easily mixed with other lines, allowing the artist to create required consistencies without diluting color strength.

  • High tinting strength
  • Thick, creamy consistency
  • Ideal for washing, pouring, brushing and staining
  • Same pigment load as GOLDEN'S Heavy Body Acrylics
  • Extremely versatile - mix with any GOLDEN gel, paste or medium!

Interference Colors which reflect their own colors in intense direct light and transmit a complement in indirect light. This "flip" varies according to the surface and the surface color. Adding a small amount of black will produce brighter colors.

Iridescent Colors reflect their own light. They appear differently dependent on the light source being either direct or indirect. Mix these colors into other GOLDEN colors to produce the greatest array of pearlescent colors imaginable. Experiment for unique and fascinating effects.

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