Rembrandt Extra-Fine Artists Oils

Rembrandt Extra-Fine Artists Oils

A characteristic of all oil colors in the Rembrandt oil color range is their splendid brilliance. Rembrandt Extra-Fine Artists' Oils are considered by many professionals and competitive manufacturers as one of the finest oil colors ever produced. Each color contains only the finest and most lightfast pigments and the purest quality linseed or safflower oil. Each contains the highest amount of pigment, which is extremely fine-ground on a triple-roll mill.

The new well-balanced selection of 120 colors has traditional and contemporary tones. This range includes extremely lightfast permanent yellows, reds, ultramarine greens and modern metal colors, plus a full complement of transparent glaze colors like Quinacridone Rose and opaque colors like Nickel Titanium Yellow. Four madder shades provide a full compliment of tones for artists seeking a range of permanent Alizarin Crimson shades.

A new, well-balanced selection of 120 colors!

  • Incredible lightfastness
  • 30 colors now available in 150 ml tubes
  • Pure pigments provide intense brilliance
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