Sennelier Artists Extra-Fine Oil Paints

  • Better value—larger 40 ml size—lower cost per ml
  • Archival quality with non-yellowing oil Safflower Oil
  • Choice of the Masters—Cezanne, Picasso and Monet
  • Improved 'buttery' consistency—firmer body—more pigment
  • 145 luminous colors of exquisite quality including 50 new colors!

Sennelier introduces 50 new contemporary hues into its extensive palette of 94 historical colors. Colors that have forged Sennelier's reputation have been retained, such as Madder Lake Deep and Genuine Cobalt Blue, the industry benchmark. Signature transparent colors, such as Chinese Orange and Cinnabar Green, invented by Gustave Sennelier in conjunction with the Impressionists, have contributed significantly to the evolution of art styles—through the Fauves, Cubists, and beyond. From Bonnard's blues to Mogdigliani's favorite flesh tones, Sennelier colors have been inspired by the masters and have been an inspiration to them. Pigments developed with modern chemistry have resulted in lively, fresh, vivid colors, including more lightfast reds and purples as well as a greater range of earth tones. All pigment compositions are carefully orchestrated to provide the best combinations when intermixed.

The paint's reformulated consistency is better suited to the diversity of modern techniques. The slightly heavier body retains its unique creaminess, while offering greater versatility. Sennelier carefully grinds pigments, often by hand, to provide the most intense coloration that will retain its vividness over generations. Safflower oil, which yellows less than linseed oil, provides a creamy texture that evenly dries to a satin finish.Utilizing methods perfected for over one hundred years, the new paints are produced under the eye of Dominique Sennelier. At Sennelier, tradition meets today's desires and the innovations of modern chemistry.

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