Holbein Artists' Watercolor

Most professionals today have added at least some of the incredible Holbein Artist Watercolors lightfast colors into their own palette. Watercolors such as Peacock Blue, Blue Grey, Opera, Grey of Grey have been gracing the studios of the world's great watercolorists for some time now.

The spectacular beauty and ingenuity of these colors should not be overlooked. Holbein's unique consistency allows the artist greater color density and brush control but also remains smooth without cracking, crumbling, chipping or molding to the palette.

  • Made in an advanced technical method
  • Using only the highest grade pigments blended with the best Gum Arabic binder
  • Each color is ground up to four times on slowly rotating triple-roll mills
  • Strict quality controls insure consummate dispersion, inspiring transparency and unparalleled brilliance
Truly a treat for any watercolor enthusiast!
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